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Sterling Silver Bangle


The hallmarked bangle is crafted by hand and textured using specialist chasing tools, resulting in a totally unique design.


An irregular wave-like shape, reminiscent of the movement of the sea, is constantly moving and changing as it moves with you; a visual reminder of this incredible body of water. For a greater effect of the interaction of waves why not wear multiple numbers?


The surface pattern contrasts beautifully with the highly polished curved wire forms, catching the light perfectly in this minimal bangle.


The silver wave bangle is made from 2mm round wire and is available in 5 internal diameter (I.D.) sizes.

Due to the handcrafted nature of this design the measurements are approximate.


This bangle is part of a collection influenced by the movement and texture of water and was inspired by the lovely foam quality of the sea’s crashing waves. I’ve tried to capture the essence of this incredible body of water with hand applied pattern and a wavy shape.


Your purchase will arrive in a Sarah Ellen gift box.

Sterling Silver Bangle